Types of Zinc Scrap

Our Zinc Scrap include – Score and Dross. Zinc score consists of clean, dry and unalloyed zinc sheet scrap. Zinc Score is being used for production of zinc sheets also meant for printing industry, for common castable alloys and lead copper-zinc alloys; for hot zinc plating of ready-made products as well as materials; for producing zinc powder used in metallurgical industry and also for production of zinc oxide used in chemico-pharmaceutical industry; for fine chemicals; for acquiring zinc powder used in accumulators.

We offer Zinc Scraps in various forms like Die Cast, Zinc plates, Roofing Zinc, Irony Zinc Boring and Turning, Ingots etc and Selling Zinc Scrap in very reasonable price interested buyers may contact us.

Do You Know ?

Zinc was known to the Romans but rarely used. It was first recognised as a metal in its own right in India and the waste from a zinc smelter at Zawar, in Rajasthan, testifies to the large scale on which it was refined during the period 1100 to the 1500.

Types of Zinc Scrap

Zinc Applications:

Most zinc is used to galvanize other metals, such as iron, to prevent rusting. Galvanized steel is used for car bodies, street lamp posts, safety barriers and suspension bridges.

Large quantities of zinc are used to produce die-castings, which are important in the automobile, electrical and hardware industries. Zinc is also used in alloys such as brass, nickel silver and aluminium solder.

Biological Role:

Zinc is essential for all living things, forming the active site in over 20 metallo-enzymes. The average human body contains about 2.5 grams and takes in about 15 milligrams per day. Some foods have above average levels of zinc, including herring, beef, lamb, sunflower seeds and cheese. Zinc can be carcinogenic in excess. If freshly formed zinc(II) oxide is inhaled, a disorder called the ‘oxide shakes’ or ‘zinc chills’ can occur.

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