SHREEYA INTERNATIONAL FZE is a leading Company dealing in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap, Aluminium Alloys, Ferro Alloys.

A professionally managed Company based in the business hub of Sharjah, UAE having business experience in the world of international trade.

We deal into various commodities of scrap like Ferrous Scrap (HMS 1&2, Shredded Scrap Grade 211), Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316) , Aluminium Scrap (Tense, Taint/Tabor, Twitch, Talk, Talon, 6063 Extrusions, UBC, Shredded TT, Telic, Wheels, Aircraft Scrap) , Copper (Millberry, Berry, Birch/Cliff, Candy), Brass (Honey, Ocean, Turnings, Pales/Pallu), Zinc ( Zinc Die Cast, Score, Scabs), Lead Scrap & Compressor Scrap.

We also cater to various Aluminium Alloy manufacturers for various grades of Silicon ( 553 / 441 / 3303 / 2202 / 1101 ) and Aluminium Alloys like ADC12, LM4, LM6, ALSi132, LM24 to Aluminium Pressure Die Casting & Gravity Die Casting Units in the Automobile Sector.

We have satisfied customers in China, India, Taiwan, Korea, Nepal, Middle East and Sri Lanka.

To our employees, suppliers and customers, we thank you for your confidence in SHREEYA INTERNATIONAL and look forward to building even stronger partnerships with all our stakeholders.